In summer the moving air of the fans generates a thermal sensation of up to 5ºC less in the room

-Madrid, July 10nd, 2019.-After suffering the first heat wave, the home and office air conditioning becomes relevant. The combination of 'good habits', air conditioning and fans considerably reduces the electricity cost. A DC ceiling fan can reduce spending on air conditioning by up to 50% and heating costs in winter by up to 30%.The three things complement each other, offering better comfort and air quality.

“"Every type of fan reduces the cost of air conditioning, however, if we have one of the new models with DC motor the energy savings will be greater and we will also win in silence. A DC ceiling fan consumes up to 60% less energy than classic AC motors, and even reduces air conditioning costs by up to 50%, "says Mariano del Val, Product Manager here inSÛLION

Customs such as closing windows at the hottest hours and preventing the sun from entering the room directly with awnings, blinds and/or curtains; they isolate the space and preserve the internal temperature. The air conditioners cool the air in the room and the fans help to circulate air and ventilate the spaces. The currents, the humidity, the number of people who are usually in the room, etc. they all influence when it comes to acclimatize. The standard average for interiors in the summer months is set at 24ºC and to achieve it the best thing is to find a balance between a cold source and its distribution.

The market offers innovative models of fans like the first without blades: Rubik, a centrifugal fan that hides a novel concept by which it absorbs the air from the central part creating a homogeneous distribution of the same in space. This fan only measures 70 cm, however it can ventilate a room of more than 30 meters. Rubik works with DC motor, more silent and efficient, and has a double light that allows to boost the color temperature from warm to cold.

La circadian ventilation with LED lighting and adjustable color temperature directly influences well-being. Circadian rhythms are physical, mental and behavioral changes that our body experiences 24 hours a day depending on the color temperature offered by natural light.

"It is demonstrated that the biological cycle of the human body is directly related to enlightenment. Our body responds with physical, mental and behavioral changes to the light and darkness of the environment that surrounds us, hence the body tends to sleep at night and be awake-active during the day. If we want to favor rest or activity, it is advisable to adapt the lighting of the spaces to each activity and this is also possible through the fans, "explains del Val.

Ceiling fans with LED lighting have a double function: to illuminate and favor air conditioning both in summer and in winter. In summer the moving air generates a thermal sensation of up to 5ºC less in the room and in winter the fans delaminate the hot air accumulated in the ceiling, spreading it throughout the room.

About de SULION.-

SULION is a Spanish company pioneer in ceiling fans and decorative luminaires, in addition to specialists in lighting product design with high quality and technical features. Its R&D team designs luminaires and fans in the Community of Madrid that are exported to the whole world. Its corporate philosophy is that each product is useful as well as decorative adapting to the latest trends. Currently, SULION is a business group with more than 35 employees and an annual turnover of over 10 million euros. The company has its headquarters in Madrid, office in China and a subsidiary in Peru.