• Cold or warm light helps us to activate or relax thanks to the photoreceptors in our ocular system, respecting the circadian cycles

• Ceiling fans play a key role in air conditioning in winter and summer, helping to save energy

• These and other new models are included in the new SULION catalog for B2B customers: AIR 2019

Madrid, January 23, 2019 - SULION, a Spanish company pioneer in the commercialization of ceiling fans, has launched a new collection exclusively for B2B customers. In addition, it introduces new ceiling fans with color temperature change that respects the circadian cycles of the human body.

"As a pioneering company, we have a commitment with our customers to continue offering cutting-edge, innovative products that meet their needs. The new models combine innovation and technology with interesting designs. Furthermore, those who feature color temperature control can help relax or activate us according to our circadian cycles", explains Mariano del Val, Ventilation Product Manager at SULION.

Light directly affects health, performance, mood and comfort. Various studies have shown that the biological cycle of the human body is directly related to light. Our body responds with physical, mental and behavioral changes to the light and darkness of the environment we are in, hence the body tends to sleep at night and be awake/active during the day. Depending if we want to rest or work, we should adapt the lighting to the activity that takes place in each space according to the time of day. The eye has in the retina photoreceptors that are activated by light and the body interprets, depending on its color temperature, whether it should be activated or relaxed.

SULION ceiling fans with LED lighting have a double function: to illuminate and improve air conditioning. "Both in winter and summer, ceiling fans play a key role in air conditioning of homes and businesses," Del Val says.

In winter ceiling fans delaminate the hot air accumulated at the ceiling, distributing it throughout the room, while in summer the moving air generates a thermal sensation of up to 5ºC less in the room. The combination of a fan and air conditioning to reduce the heat in Summer or a fan and heating to beat the cold in winter considerably reduces energy consumption. A DC ceiling fan can reduce air conditioning costs by up to 50% and heating costs by up to 30%. "We tend to think that ceiling fans are only for summer and that they only produce a light breeze, few see them as a complement to other air conditioning systems," they say at SULION.

These innovative fan models are part of the new AIR 2019 catalog for B2B customers that SULION has launched this January. The catalog includes 29 models as well as an explanatory part that advises how to choose a fan in 6 steps up to the differences and advantages of using summer/winter mode.